Sunday, November 30, 2008


Vadeswaram is a village in northern Kerala (North Malabar). It is situated in the Kannur Taluk of Kannur district. Vadesweram comes under the Pappinisseri village.

Vadesweram is a very nice place to live in. Very calm, very greenish, very cool and truly amazing. It’s a very typical Kerala village.

Vadeswaram Sree Maha Siva Temple

Vadeswaram Sree Maha Siva Temple , situated about 150 meters eastward to the National Highway 17, at Keecheri in Pappinisseri panchayath, Kannur District, is believed to have been built approximately a millennium and a half ago by the then great king Vatukavarma, the 43rd ruler of Mushika dynasty.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple was constructed in a unique architectural style: Ashtadala' (eight petalled).This style of construction is an exclusive feature of this great temple only as its like is not to be seen anywhere else. Scholars also are unanimous in their view that this 'ashtadala' styled sanctum sanctorum does not exist in any other Indian temple.

Vadeswarathappan, the God Almighty has ever been present in this abode graciously blessing His devotees in the company of Umamaheswara, Sastha, Dakshinamoorthy and Kirathamoorthy in the temple complex.

The great poet Athula has given an ample account of the temple and the Lord in thirteen verses in his monumental masterpiece "Mooshikavamsa Kavyam'